DJ Mixtape Archive

Extending the lives (by digitally transferring) these old cassette tapes that document a fertile period of my life.

Cassettes that had a profound impact on my music knowledge and showed one the possibilities of the mixtape and what it can be when the right deejay is at the controls.

The genre styles are timestamped to the era from which they sprouted so the tapes are aggressive, intense, trippy, and (to me) are like sonic stories through the wormhole of the soul.

Many were purchased through the tape trading website PureAcidMixtapes as well as directly from the DJ’s themselves at various events of the era.

In the past I tried to post downloadable versions but the links were all on a Yousendit account which I no longer have but if anyone is interested in a downloadable file of any of the mixes then hit me up by leaving a comment below with an email address and I will send you a link.

DJ DANIEL – Moontribe Collective

  • Spacebass Vol.2 is DANIEL’s aural vision of deep space interplanetary travel, or at least that is what it sounds like to me! Close your eyes and enjoy this ride, especially the first  20 minutes that showcase buildup of intro tracks that highlight the DJ at the height of his talent, perfectly programming tracks from Datcyde (“Naughty Ride”), Psion (“Tyrant“), as well as whole slew of others I can only wish I knew the names of to fulfill the inner trainspotter in me. Like a structured novel, this mix has an intro, chapters, and an epilogue

           However, it’s not the individual tracks that matter as much as the whole orchestration of his              mix. Simply a classic!


  • AUM


  • Live at Moontribe 4/3/1996


DJ Graeme – San Francisco/England

  • Spectrum II: Certainly my favorite mixtape of the bunch. Full of techy trance and house tracks that are individually interesting on their own but are elevated due to the programming skills of Graeme. Highly recommended if you are going on a vision quest and want to feel transported – this tape moves and builds like you are a passenger on a space yacht seeing the cosmic vistas through a porthole…beware because there could be some turbulence along the way.


  • Timeworp mixed by DANIEL


  • Dos Toca Discos mixed by Petey & Daniel

  • New Methods by Abstract

  • Live at Moontribe 4/3/96 by Daniel

  • Forsight by Sage is another dose of drum and bass from the Phunckateck Crew. Full on Tech Step/ Neurofunk assault!

  • Upstream Downstream by Jason Blakemore

  • Barfuck5000AD by Ufo! is a monster of a tape that brings another expertly charted course through the dark reaches of the drum and bass world featuring the typical cinematic flourishes that all listeners of Ufo! are familiar with.

Tetrahedron by Ufo! is the tape I’ve been searching for since I lost it back in ’98 after leaving it in a so-called friends car. Glad to finally bring the search to an end. Ufo! is part of the Phunckateck Crew out of San Francisco and a huge influence for me back in the day. Any mixes by Ufo! are special, surgically laced with his blend of cinematic blade runner funk! Never disappoints! Got the source for the tape in another locale but the link is solid so enjoy! Thanks to Devnull at for the post.

  • Timeworp mixed by DANIEL

  • Venus mixed by DANIEL

"Petey and Daniel"

  • Extreme Possibilities 2 Kind Vibrations is a split mix by PETEY and DANIEL doing what the Moontribe DJ’s do best as the perfec t mediators for a musical mindfuck. Listen to Petey for some smooth vibin’ jungle and hit the flip for Daniel’s typical heavy hitt ing spacebass flava.  A split mix by Petey and Daniel doing what the Moontribe DJ’s do best as the perfect mediators for a musical mindfuck. List en to Petey for some smooth vibin’ jungle and hit the flip for Daniel’s typical heavy hitting spacebass flava. Both sides included as a zip file. * The Daniel side has been taken down temporarily until I can repost it. I noticed a few spots where I got some interference on the tape.

  • Mother Earth Soundsystem mixed by DJ BRAD


  1. i dont know what other Daniel tapes you have in your collection. Ill send you which ever one you dont have and the scanned jcard. Let me know which ones you daont have. Aum – Psychoactive – Prana – Spiral Dance….


  2. Thank You for what ur doin here.. I have a huge mixtape collection as well.. Email me if you would like to check out the list.. I just made a list a little while back.. Mostly early to late 90’s stuff from so cal…


  3. All I know is your doing a good thing here brotha. After an acid filled evening of listening to Abstracts “New Methods” years ago i proclaimed “these tapes are for the people” as if i was a conquering holy roman emperor or something. So glad to revisit these nuggets of brilliance.


  4. yo mikey..I just got that copy of Mercury in the mail. Im gonna dub it so i can send you a copy for you to transfer it to MP3…swaaaayte


  5. can you reload Spacebass Vol.2. It says the download limit has been reached and needs to be resent. Also…. whats up with the Daniel side from Extreme Possibilities 2 Kind Vibrations. can you get that fixed and uploaded. BTW thanks for uploading the Danile live from moontribe 1996. I Love that mixtape. i have the original but its been played and played and is no longer in good shape. its nice to have a better copy again.


    1. Hey James – sorry about the delay in getting back to your request. Been awhile since I’ve been active on my blog but the first thing I’ll do in the next few days is work on your requests after I free up some space on my file hosting account. I do have Universe Within so I’ll get to that too! Hang in there and I’ll email when it’s done! Cheers!


  6. I stumbled upon this site and am very excited to see it exists. I was at moon tribe 1995/6 and it was some of the best times of my life. And how others have expressed that it changed you forever and made you a electronic music fan.. I too see these events as truly influential to my enlightenment and passion for this genre ever since. I would love to hear the music if possible from these mixes.. but it appears as if the downloads are no longer active. I would happily host these files on a server into perpetuity for all to enjoy/download (I have a site I can host with).

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you..



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