Noir Sounds

MORPHINE: Pioneers of Low Rock

From L to R: Mark Sandman (Bassitar), Dana Colley (Baritone Sax), & Billy Conway (Drummer) of Morphine

It’s been too long since the last post so I decided to post a chunk of my favorite tracks by Morphine, a Massachusetts band with a signature sound. Immediately recognizable by the tune downed two stringed bass, baritone drone of the sax, and the dark croon of Mark Sandman’s voice are the perfect soundtrack music for a laid back chill Blue Moon evening (such as I’m enjoying now).  Enjoy your dose!

A Dose of Morphine (download link)

The Night (stream)

Let’s Take a Trip Together (stream)

Cure for Pain (stream)

A Good Woman is Hard to Find (stream)

Whisper (stream)

Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer (stream)

I’m Free Now (stream)

So Many Ways (stream)