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The Glistening Sound


The Glistening Guitar Sound of Modern Rock

by Mikey Casey

Time to bring back to life this long neglected blog that I have failed to maintain. Life can get a little strange at times but more and more I realize I need this outlet to talk about the music I love. Spotify allows embedding of playlists so I thought it would be a fun way to start adding content again so if you are not connected to Spotify then my apologies in advance but I provide the playlist in case you want to compile your own.

I compiled this list because it felt to me like there has been a lack of guitar driven music coming into my orbit as of late. I blame the lack on my pre-occupation with seeking out the more dj friendly styles from the beat driven clusters of the sonic galaxy. The stylistic theme here is somewhat anchored by a Johnny Marr guitar style (Sunflower Bean) on one end and a post-shoegaze vibe (DIIV, Deerhunter, Tamaryn) on the other. The list continues to expand into Psych territory with Mild High Club and Swim Mountain bringing that Down-Under Psychedelia to the fold and I am sure more will continue to be added.

Not all these are going to be brand new tracks, but then again “new” is a relative term for me when it comes to music.  The oldest track on here is Firestarter by Blouse from their 2011 self-titled album and the remaining tracks came out after but all capture a type of sound and style that shimmers like an aurora borealis in the night sky.

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Check out the playlist or listen to the videos below: