Zackey Force Funk

The Force Funk Sound

Went up to Hollywood the other day, my destination was Amoeba Records. I decided to go up there with a plan, a budget, a genre focus, and a couple titles in mind. As soon as I walked in the plan almost went all to hell until I took a moment to center myself . . . for those who have never been to Amoeba the effect it has on record shoppers may be lost on you, but  it can be a little overwhelming to be confronted with an ocean of music in every flavor imaginable. It’s CRAZY! For real!

Anyway, I found my way to the Electronica section and started to plow through it all and came across some goodies, but my favorite of the bunch is this 6 track gem by Arizona producer Zackey Force Funk & Kutmah. I’ve come across ZFF on a Dublab EP earlier in the year that I meant to post and lagged on, but I’m glad I waited because these tracks together are a nice representation of a twisted amalgamation of electro-funk from ZFF. The common linkage throughout the sextet would be the filtered falsetto of Mr. Force Funk’s vocals that anchor the listener through the Force Funk journey.

After listening to this dose of Zackey Force Funk I regret putting back the other release that I saw, but that’s the way it goes at Amoeba Records. A place where a budget is a record shoppers worst enemy.

Zackey Force Funk (download)