Captn K “Holding Me”

I just picked up a couple of records by this guy Captn K, a producer from Australia, and his cuts are really resonating with me right now. He runs a label out there called Picnic Records. I have one to share, but once I get my tunes in the mail I’ll probably put up a few more.

This cut is called Holding Me, the percussion leads you in nicely and just carries you! Vocals are fresh too and I’m a sucka for a sultry voice! This will definitely be played on a Zap night! Dig it!!

Captn K – “Holding Me

Picnic Records Website

Picnic Records Myspace


Couple Jammy Jams

Here I am anticipating the onset of summer and felt like sprinkling some jams on whoever is looking for something new. I’ve got a trio of  tunes that I’m really enjoying at the moment. The first is an old rediscovered funk/jazz work called He3 Project which is something I’ll need to check out more.

He3 Project – Rapture of the Deep

The second is a remix of a Nickodemus track,  a cool little dancey cut with a funky little bass line!

Nickodemus – Sun Children (Red Astaire Rollerskate Remi

And the third is a little more chill, a new slice of goodness from DFA. It’s the B side from the new Ray Mang release, a really nice surprise considering I thought it was the Lady Miss Kier fronted A side that would have grabbed my attention. Instead,  “Look into My Eyes” has a nice lush feel to it, sounds like a sample of “Love on a Real  Train” by Tangerine Dream, but either way it’s a nice one!

Ray Mang – Look into My Eyes

MORPHINE: Pioneers of Low Rock

From L to R: Mark Sandman (Bassitar), Dana Colley (Baritone Sax), & Billy Conway (Drummer) of Morphine

It’s been too long since the last post so I decided to post a chunk of my favorite tracks by Morphine, a Massachusetts band with a signature sound. Immediately recognizable by the tune downed two stringed bass, baritone drone of the sax, and the dark croon of Mark Sandman’s voice are the perfect soundtrack music for a laid back chill Blue Moon evening (such as I’m enjoying now).  Enjoy your dose!

A Dose of Morphine (download link)

The Night (stream)

Let’s Take a Trip Together (stream)

Cure for Pain (stream)

A Good Woman is Hard to Find (stream)

Whisper (stream)

Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer (stream)

I’m Free Now (stream)

So Many Ways (stream)

Two Year anniversary of Zap! at Avalon Bar + a free dance mix!

This Saturday March 13th is the 2 year anniversary of Zap!, a monthly DJ affair I participate in with my friends Matt Foster and Han the DJ (in real life he is simply known as Martin) and I felt is was a good time to post one of my mixes to try and persuade some readers to get in the mood for dancing and join us for the occasion. I’ve been fortunate enough to link up with these lads and I hope we get to continue playing tunes together in the future! The event takes place at Avalon Bar (across the street from Detroit Bar) in Costa Mesa! Check the mix here: Cosmic Tones: A Psychic Pollution Dance Mix

Disco Explorations















Daft Punk – Face to Face
YACHT – I’m in Love with a Ripper (Party Mix)
Kelley Polar – The Rooms In My House Have Many Parties
Hercules & Love Affair – True  False / Fake Real
Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam (Brennen Green’s version)
Yolanta Sy – The Garden (Ilija Rudman remix)
Simian Mobile Disco – Hot Dog (Cosmo Vitelli remix)
Aeroplane featuring Kathy Diamond – Whispers
Holy Ghost! – Hold On (Blackjoy Mazego Groove) 


Been listening to lots of different stuff in the last few days and I have a few here for your ears to indulge in. The selections from Mike Slott and Floating Points are just nice beat heavy tracks – can’t wait to pick these up on vinyl. Beats like these just get me in all the right spots and my tastes have been moving more in this direction as of late.

Also included a new one from Yeasayer off of the new LP Odd Blood, who from the last album sound like they went raving, dropped lots more acid, and bought a shitload of new electronic gear to tinker with. I feel its a huge departure from the standouts from the last record (2080, Wait for the Summer) but at the same time most of it is growing on me. A drastic departure is the kind of leap I like to see on a second record — you can’t really say they played it safe on this one.

I know Panda Bear has been out for awhile, but his record Person Pitch is seriously amazing! Bros, the third track off the album is pretty long, but it morphs into like three songs along the way so you won’t even notice!  The Ruby Suns, shorter in duration and pleasant on the ears, is a band from New Zealand that was featured on a Dublab EP I picked up at Fingerprints recently. The bassline that anchors the track is really nice, but this one also takes a few different twists and turns along the way. I particularly love the breakdown at 2:23, which reminds me of “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes and the Beach BoysHeroes and Villains” melding together, but maybe I’m trippin’! Either way, so many bands these days seem to be really expressing that Brian Wilson influence — from Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear, and maybe even the Dirty Projectors based on those crazy harmonies they are playing around with. It’s about time he gets his due and what better way than other artists re imagining that sound through their own.

This group Washed Out I don’t really know too much about, but I’m really enjoying the Life of Leisure EP. Nice vibe all across this one! Last track I’ll include is this heavy piece of goodness from the new Massive Attack record Heligoland! The bass line and the snap of the snare just set you up for a sweet ride and then Horace Andy’s sweet wail tops it all off.

Mike Slott – Knock Knock (ysi)

Floating Points – Love Me Like This (Nonsense dub) (ysi)

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (ysi)

Panda Bear – Bros (ysi)

The Ruby  Suns – Kenya Dig it? (ysi)

Washed Out –  Feel it all around (ysi)

Massive Attack – Girl I Love You (ysi)


Songs for Love & Longing

For the sake of bulking up the blog with some content, here are three that fit the theme.

Animal Collective – “My Girls“(ysi)

I absolutely love this song! I gotta admit that I was a little late on the Animal Collective train, but on Merriweather Post Pavillion the abstract sounds came together for me. Love these lyrics too:

I don’t mean to seem like I
Care about material things,
Like a social status,
I just want
Four walls and adobe slats
For my girls

A friend turned me on to Bibio a while back.This guy has a brilliant style! Some of the tracks on his LP Ambivalence Avenue feature vocals & guitar that just get better with each listen and then he shifts directions, laying the electronic Flying Lotus-esque heaviness down. The album is worth checkin’ out — he can literally do the acoustic/singing thing or else just go balls out with the beats, but I personally like the blend of both! Be patient with the track, the intro is long but 1:27 in is bliss!

Bibio – “Lover’s Carvings” (ysi)

Lovers’ names, carved in walls
Overlap, start to merge
Some of them underneath
Maybe they appear
In graveyards
Maybe they fade away
Weathered and overgrown
Time has told
Meaningful hidden words
Suddenly appear, from the murk
Maybe they’re telling us
That the end
Never was
Never will
The words have gone
But the meaning will never disappear
From the wall

This beauty of a track was found on a 7″ I got a few years back, which was acquired by accident (store clerk mistake), but when I heard it I was floored. It’s on Dntels full length Dumb Luck — you may also know his work as Postal Service with the dude from Death Cab for Cutie. This was on the last mix I put together, “Sutras of Trouble & Ecstasy” which you can grab here (ysi)! Enjoy the tunes!

Dntel featuring Mia Doi Todd – “Rock My Boat” (ysi)

So I went out on a limb
Thinking maybe we could swim
Into the river of light
Into the ocean of pain

First Contact

Alright, I’ll kick this blog off with a select 3 tracks that have major importance for fueling my musical appetite. The three, for me, just mean too much to convey in words (although I’ll try) but they strike a chord with me everytime!

Hugely influential to my musical sensibility . . . Jimi laid the foundation for everything else

Jimi Hendrix – “1983, A Merman I Should Turn To Be” (ysi)

Epic Sci-Fi/Apocalyptic seed of Jimi’s mind. He was more than just a songwriter and guitar badass, his explorations on the Electric Ladyland album and the question of where his progression would have took him can be glimpsed in this tune. The bass solo (played by Jimi!!) is worth the listen alone!

On par with the previous tune, similar apocalyptic visions and sick bass playing, but this is like a mix of that future/spiritual jazz that Miles, Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders were pursuing mix with drum & bass — future sounds colliding and it is just the perfect blend.

"Loveless" by 4Hero always evokes this painting by Alex Grey that I first came across on the Beastie Boys Ill Communication (1994) record.

4Hero featuring Ursula Rucker – “Loveless” (ysi)

Ursula Rucker’s lyrical contributions blew me away when I first heard this circa ’98 via Garth Trinidad on KCRW and immediately sought it out on vinyl. As a matter of fact, this may have been the first piece of vinyl I picked up when I started to DJ. It was a set of 5 12’s called 21st Century Soul – – “Loveless” of course being the standout cut.

All accapella on this one – – just the simplicity of layering voices on top of each other and hitting record.

Huge influence after the tough transition from '97-'02 when it seemed the only music was Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and other's of that period . . . TVOTR (as well as the YYY's and the Strokes) changed the game like how the grunge bands did it a decade before.

TV on the Radio – “Mr Grieves” (ysi)

Tunde’s rendition of this Pixies track (from Doolittle) foreshadowed the amazing quality of this band and what great music that would come from them throughout the beginning of this decade. Now there are 3 albums + a few EP’s in and they still have my attention — they are da bomb!

Stay tuned to this spot for more to come!