Greetings from the Void: New Solicitations

Here are a few tunes that I have come across that have been really doing it for me lately. Full on sonic satisfaction lies therein.

Tame Impala is from Perth, Australia — one of the many interesting acts emerging from the scene out there who seem to love there fuzzy guitars and hippie harmonies, which every rocker tends to toy with, but I like there style. Links below for a couple tracks to digest.

Tame Impala – Desire Be Desire Go

Tame Impala – Alter Ego

This group, The Electric Chairs, is an old punk band that used to play in England back in the late 70’s, this track is from an old 7 inch release that came out before they broke up and is a nice slice of post-punk dance music. Really wish I can track this down on wax.

The Electric Chairs – So Many Ways 

The instrumental beat producer known as Take just put out his album “Only Mountain” and it is an absolute beauty of lush rippling sounds and propulsive beats. The track ‘Crystallia’ with its cascading synth effects just speak to my dark moody musical aesthetic of other moody cinematic producers that permeate the electronic music genres.

Take – Crystallia

Nobody is another L.A. beatmaker and super talented all around musician who is following up 2008’s Blank Blue project with another album of tangenital inspiration, launching this time into a new world of inspiration using the auto tune vocal modulation  as a main component of the album. Like Blank Blue’s recreation of the atmosphere of Hendrix’s sci-fi epic, ‘1983…A Merman I Should Turn to Be,’ Dj Nobody’s latest project delves into new inspirational territory probably motivated in part by Kanye’s auto tune driven effort. Usually, I can’t stand the voice effect, but in the track ‘Harmony’ it seems to work perfectly along side the dirty hip hop beats and industrial noise like a ray of light through the L.A. haze. If you get a chance, check out this guy’s DJ sets! Amazing!

Nobody – Harmony

All this talk about Nobody and his prowess as a musician made me think it would be good to include a track off of his Blank Blue project. The album as a whole is solid, but I really love ‘Sea Roars Lead’ because the whole live capability of this band comes together in this track. The combo of Nikki Randa’s vocals, the aqua sound of the bass, and psychedelic jangle of the guitars hint at how good this band sounds live and if you get a chance to catch this group in action then do so.

Blank Blue – Sea Roars Lead 

***Next update is tentative. Will happen as I find the goodies! Click the ‘dl’ link to be transported to the download page.


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