Couple Jammy Jams

Here I am anticipating the onset of summer and felt like sprinkling some jams on whoever is looking for something new. I’ve got a trio of  tunes that I’m really enjoying at the moment. The first is an old rediscovered funk/jazz work called He3 Project which is something I’ll need to check out more.

He3 Project – Rapture of the Deep

The second is a remix of a Nickodemus track,  a cool little dancey cut with a funky little bass line!

Nickodemus – Sun Children (Red Astaire Rollerskate Remi

And the third is a little more chill, a new slice of goodness from DFA. It’s the B side from the new Ray Mang release, a really nice surprise considering I thought it was the Lady Miss Kier fronted A side that would have grabbed my attention. Instead,  “Look into My Eyes” has a nice lush feel to it, sounds like a sample of “Love on a Real  Train” by Tangerine Dream, but either way it’s a nice one!

Ray Mang – Look into My Eyes


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