First Contact

Alright, I’ll kick this blog off with a select 3 tracks that have major importance for fueling my musical appetite. The three, for me, just mean too much to convey in words (although I’ll try) but they strike a chord with me everytime!

Hugely influential to my musical sensibility . . . Jimi laid the foundation for everything else

Jimi Hendrix – “1983, A Merman I Should Turn To Be” (ysi)

Epic Sci-Fi/Apocalyptic seed of Jimi’s mind. He was more than just a songwriter and guitar badass, his explorations on the Electric Ladyland album and the question of where his progression would have took him can be glimpsed in this tune. The bass solo (played by Jimi!!) is worth the listen alone!

On par with the previous tune, similar apocalyptic visions and sick bass playing, but this is like a mix of that future/spiritual jazz that Miles, Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders were pursuing mix with drum & bass — future sounds colliding and it is just the perfect blend.

"Loveless" by 4Hero always evokes this painting by Alex Grey that I first came across on the Beastie Boys Ill Communication (1994) record.

4Hero featuring Ursula Rucker – “Loveless” (ysi)

Ursula Rucker’s lyrical contributions blew me away when I first heard this circa ’98 via Garth Trinidad on KCRW and immediately sought it out on vinyl. As a matter of fact, this may have been the first piece of vinyl I picked up when I started to DJ. It was a set of 5 12’s called 21st Century Soul – – “Loveless” of course being the standout cut.

All accapella on this one – – just the simplicity of layering voices on top of each other and hitting record.

Huge influence after the tough transition from '97-'02 when it seemed the only music was Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and other's of that period . . . TVOTR (as well as the YYY's and the Strokes) changed the game like how the grunge bands did it a decade before.

TV on the Radio – “Mr Grieves” (ysi)

Tunde’s rendition of this Pixies track (from Doolittle) foreshadowed the amazing quality of this band and what great music that would come from them throughout the beginning of this decade. Now there are 3 albums + a few EP’s in and they still have my attention — they are da bomb!

Stay tuned to this spot for more to come!


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